Rap or Regret Tattoo Pack for Genesis 8

Rap or Regret Tattoo Pack for Genesis 8

The pack contains a total of 26 LIE Files

Rap or Regret is inspired by the "Job Stopper" tattoo trend. Pursuing a career in such a way that you adorn your face with tattoos that will prevent you getting hired in a regular place of work. Forcing you to sink or swim.

It is now common place in the music industry, with artists and many who idolize the stars that succeed or just think it looks cool.

Some narratives call for a more alternative or edgy look for your models and our tattoos can be as simple as a one click fix with our Preset options, offering a swift solution when needing a tattooed beauty or hardened criminal. Although if you want to pick and choose, each tattoo comes with its own separate LIE file for a greater depth of customization.

What's Included (See Second for details):

20 LIE file Placements + 6 LIE Presets

* Hair, models, clothing, backgrounds and props not included!

Compatible figures: 
3D Models