Render Studio 3 - HDRI

Render Studio 3 - HDRI

Do you want to create renders that look like what you see in the movies? The same saturated, cinematic style that is used in sci-fi and fantasy films and high-quality drama?

Introducing the third version of the immensely popular Render Studio for Daz Studio. 'Render Studio 3 HDRI' enables you to create lighting that conveys mood, emotion and drama.

Using any of the included 72 HDRI ambient environments, standard key lights, rim lights, specular lights and backgrounds, it is simple and quick to build your own HDRI lighting setup. Render Studio HDRI includes 8 preset lighting rigs based on the lighting used in the production renders from this product to make starting a render simple and quick.

Not only can you create intensely colorful saturated light rigs, Render Studio HDRI comes with environments to rapidly set up professional high key and low key lighting too. It also includes a set of soft window lighting environments that show the window reflected in the highlights of eyes and lips.

Whether you need lighting for still images or animation, Render Studio HDRI will provide you with the professional, cinematic and dramatic look that you have been looking for.

What's Included and Features

  • Environment setup file: (.DUF)
    • 72 HDRI Ambient Environments
  • Environment setup file
    • 16 Dark And Moody lights
    • 8 Rigs Lights
    • 12 Saturated Lights
    • 12 Soft Lights
    • 8 Studio Lights
    • 16 Window Lights
  • Standard Lights (With Control Prop)
    • Soft Key Light
    • Hard Key Light
    • Soft Box Light
    • Rim Lights x 5
    • Diffuse Specular Light
    • Horizontal Rectangular Specular Light
    • Vertical Rectangular Specular Light
    • Round Specular Light
    • Square Specular Light
  • Light Utilities
    • Light Colors x 28
    • Light Temperature: Clear Blue Sky, Cool White, Florescent, Halogen,
    • Midday Sunlight, Overcast Sky
    • Light Position x 6 including Reset To Default
    • Light Intensity x 12
  • Preset Rigs
    • Preset Rigs x 8 (Based on Promo Renders)
  • Backgrounds
    • Infinity Cove
    • Background Texture Materials x 14
    • Pastel Materials x 10
    • Vibrant Materials x 10
  • Cameras
    • 30 Studio Cameras
  • Tutorial Video (mp4)
    • RenderStudioTutorial.mp4 (24 mins)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install