Retrospace Bundle

Retrospace Bundle

The Retrospace Bundle has everything you need for your retro, futuristic, space, and vintage space scene!

Retrospace: Gunner

Featuring a full flight suit, communications headset, opening, and closing "globe" helmet design, back-mounted air tank with tubing attaching to the helmet, raygun with holster, boots, gear harness, and gloves, Retrospace: Gunner isn't just a great design in its own right but an excellent basis for mixing and matching with other kits and elements to create an endless array of classic sci-fi looks.

Also included being utility materials that remove the legs and arms from the flight suit for more of that old school, one-piece bathing suit look, as well as 5 very different sets of materials using full PBR/Substance based texturing for an incredible set of texture and color options.

A bonus set of 10 poses are also included, crafted around the use of the raygun and figure wearing the boots from the set, providing a great starting point with dynamic actions inspired by those posters, serials, movies and book covers of generations past.

Retrospace: Scanner

Featuring a full jumpsuit, boots, gloves, belt with a holster for the included scanning device, repulsor backpack with a harness and attached holster and raygun, hood, and iconic "bubble helmet", Retrospace: Scanner is great design in its own right, but also an excellent basis for mixing and matching with other kits and elements to create an endless array of classic sci-fi looks.

Retrospace: Battered Crash site

A highly optimized scene, it includes a variety of props, large and small, which provide an array of clutter like destroyed ship elements, engines pointing to the sky, debris cast about, and all atop an HD detailed section of ground.

To bring further detail and atmosphere, special props are included adding flames and smoke, all equipped with a variety shaping morphs. Combine all this together straight from the kit's contents, or mix and match with your own library of sci-fi elements for an endless pallet of dangerous, death-defying retro-futurist, crash down scenes, or simply load from the preset scene, already put together and ready to render!

As well as the complement of props and cameras included are sets of poses for both Genesis 8 Male and Female, as well as special utility poses to move each of them to various points of interest in the scene without altering whatever pose you may already have applied.

Everything featured in this kit comes with high resolution, HDR texture/material sets crafted to take the most advantage of the Iray render engine.

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  • This Bundle Includes:
  • Compatible Figures:

    Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male

    Compatible Software:

    DAZ Studio 4.12

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    Look at individual products in this bundle for install types

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