Rey Skywalker For G8F

Rey Skywalker For G8F

From Star Wars Movies: Rey Skywalker For G8F.


Head Morph Apply/Remove
Body Morph Apply/Remove
3 Skins
2 Hairs
3 Outfits (with pistol wearable in leg holster)

Lightsaber (with glow/light blue/yellow)
Double Lightsaber (with glow/light blue/red)
Lingerie NOT included

ATTENTION: The skirts from outfit 1 DOES NOT have dForce, the skirts ARE BONED, you will need to manually make the bone movements in order to fits better the character's position in your scene. If you do not like it, find this inconvenient or anything else, DO NOT BUY!

Where to find: Genesis 8 Female - Characters - 3DUK - SW Rey

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