Rigged Feather Duster

Rigged Feather Duster

Another requested item, a feather duster, which I rigged so that the feathers can bend some, for that extra effect. I also included 8 color options for both the handle as well as the feathers which you can combing as you like, or use the white one to make your own combinations.

I managed to keep it somewhat low polly, coming in at 954 verts and 1216 tris. The textures are also rather small for me, so this should not use a lot of memory. In fact, the whole thing is under a meg.

Along with the prop version that will work with anything, it seems that I have also included 4 variations that will appear in the hands of Gen3f, Gen8f, Gen8.1f, and Gen9, as well as a separate right hand pose for each one gripping it. So far, my testing has been successful, but I am still new at this one, so let's hope it works for you too. XD

If you have any issues with it, let me know, and I will do my best to fix it.

If you need another format, or set for another model, send me a message and we can probably work something out.

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