RL Dirt FX - Volume 2

RL Dirt FX - Volume 2

Get dirty with RavenLoor's RL Dirt FX - Volume 2.

Like the original KRDX Dirt FX By RavenLoor and KindredArts, this pack contains a bunch of overlays and decals that add more variation. When combined or used individually, the Dirt FX adds a layer of dirt to any model you want to put a little dirt on.

Use RL Dirt FX - Volume 2 on a car, truck, space rocket, person, prop, creature, animal, building, or a wall — it's perfect for putting the dirt in dirty.

What's Included and Features

  • RL Dirt FX - Volume 2: (.DUF)
    • RLDX Standalone Decal
    • RLDX Wearable Decal
  • Materials:
    • 20 RLDX Dirt Decal Material Presets
    • 24 RLDX Decal Tint Colors
    • 01 RLDX Tint Reset Preset
  • Shaders:
    • 20 RLDX Dirt Shader Presets
    • 04 RLDX Tiling Presets
  • Textures Include:
    • 100 Texture, Normal, Roughness, Specular, and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
  • Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install