RL Extra Terrestrial

RL Extra Terrestrial

This is Extra Terrestrial By RavenLoor.

Now, you're probably thinking, where is the ET? Where's the Alien? Is this is a conspiracy?

I promise you it's not, and yes you are correct, ET is not here. There's no Xenomorph to do your bidding. But what we do have is something otherworldly.

Extra Terrestrial is a collection of unique Terrain Shaders that are figuratively out of this world, even "Extra Terrestrial". Yes, now it's all making sense.

This is a Terrain Shader Set that can transform a landscape into something a little more unfamiliar, teleporting your characters from an Earth-like scene to something Extra-Terrestrial. Yeah, really far out. I have creatively named all 30 "RL ET Terrains" in hope that they will inspire you and your scene.

So let your imagination be free. Maybe you have a team exploring the depths of Titan's oceans, or there's a crew willing to sacrifice everything to stop a giant, Earth-bound asteroid from causing Armageddon.

I know, I know... I don't want to close my eyes and I don't want to fall asleep either.

Be sure not to miss a thing. Get this Extra Terrestrial Terrain set and be out of this world.

What's Included and Features

  • RL Extra Terrestrial Shaders: (.DUF)
    • RLET Alloy Cells with Growth
    • RLET Alloy Cells
    • RLET Boreas Drift
    • RLET Elixir of Carmine
    • RLET Emerald Creep
    • RLET Field of Alien Gore
    • RLET Fields of Gore
    • RLET Hekla's Tears
    • RLET Hot Rock
    • RLET Kernow's Veins
    • RLET Leaden Zircon
    • RLET Like Luna
    • RLET Myrtus Sands
    • RLET New World
    • RLET Organic Bloody
    • RLET Organic
    • RLET Pools Of Hibiscus
    • RLET Ruths Holding
    • RLET Sands Of Amethyst without Water
    • RLET Sands Of Amethyst
    • RLET Sapphire Sands
    • RLET Shungite
    • RLET Strange Land
    • RLET Swamp Spawn
    • RLET Swamps Of Claret
    • RLET Swirls of Azure
    • RLET The Red Weed
    • RLET Titans Ocean Bed
    • RLET Tortured Land
    • RLET Vulcan's Snow
  • Utilities:
    • RLET 01x01(Reset)
    • RLET 02x02
    • RLET 04x04
    • RLET 06x06
    • RLET 08x08
    • RLET 10x10
    • RLET 15x15
    • RLET 20x20
  • Textures Include:
    • 128 Texture, Base Color, Normal, Glossiness, Metallic, Emissive and Roughness Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install