Ruby for Genesis 8.1 Female

Ruby for Genesis 8.1 Female

Ruby is a stunning 3D female model characterized by her exquisite attention to detail and lifelike features. With a graceful and elegant demeanor, Ruby embodies both beauty and strength. Her intricately designed facial features, from the delicate contours of her lips to the mesmerizing depth of her eyes, give her a captivating and enigmatic aura. Ruby's physique is a harmonious blend of sophistication and athleticism, with a graceful posture that exudes confidence and poise. Whether used in animations, simulations, or virtual environments, Ruby is a model that captures the essence of femininity, seamlessly integrating artistry and technology.

Product Name: Ruby G8.1F

System Requirements:

This product was tested in DAZ Studio.
This product was not tested on a Mac.

Included in this Package:

1 Head and Body Morph Apply for Genesis 8 Female

- RubyHead Apply/Remove
- RubyBody Apply/Remove
- RubyCharacter preset


- 01 RubyIray Full MAT
- 01 RubyEyelashes MAT
- 06 Iray Eye Colors
- 06 Iray Lip Colors(Metalic and Gloss preset)
- 06 Solid Nails

Compatible figures: 
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