Sachiko For G8F and G8.1F

Sachiko For G8F and G8.1F

Sachiko is a cheerful and fun girl, always in high spirits she loves things that bring happiness.
Having an exotic oriental beauty, Sachiko is quite vain and likes to always be beautiful and well dressed.
If you were looking for a beautiful girl for your new renders, Sachiko is the perfect choice!

Sachiko For G8F and G8.1F included:
* Head Morph (Add / Rem)
* Body Morph (Add / Rem)
* Eyelashes
* Nipples Morph (Add / Rem)
* Skin
* Anatomical Elements
* Fiber Mesh Gens Hair
* 6 Eyes Colors
* 8 MakeUp Colors
* 6 Lipstick Colors

Not tested on Mac or Poser
Hair, clothing and accessories not included

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Sachiko For G8F and G8.1F | 3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser