SC20 Drones and Crates 01

SC20 Drones and Crates 01

Scout and missile (A2A/A2L) drones for sci-fi scenes with many tweaking options (with sliders) like antennes, multiple sensors, weapon pods, lighting stick dropper pod, LCD display, Black box panel.

2 missiles with a smoke trail also included.

The pack also contains 2 crates in 2 colors (top cover and base are separate), exactly matching the size of the drone cradles (so drones could be 'transported' in crates, also could 'operate' from crates when the top covers are removed.

The cradles could be used directly on walls/ceilings, too. All drones come in 4 color variations: white for SC20 Project and 3 digital camouflage versions.

Everything could be used alone or with the SC20 Projects (see rendered images).

What's Included and Features

  • SC20 Drones and Crates 01: (.DUF)
    • Scout Drones in 4 colors (Adjustable parameters with sliders):
      • Scout V01 C01-C04
    • Missile Drones with Missiles in 4 colors (Adjustable parameters with sliders):
      • MissileDrone V01 C01-C04 with Missiles
    • Missile Drones without Missiles in 4 colors (Adjustable parameters with sliders):
      • MissileDrone V01 C01-C04 Empty
    • Crates (small and big) in 2 colors:
      • Crate V01 C01 Base/Top
      • Crate V01 C02 Base/Top
      • Crate V02 C01 Base/Top
      • Crate V02 C02 Base/Top
  • Other Props (some with adjustable parameters with sliders):
    • Drone Cradles:
      • Cradle V01 C01
      • Cradle V02 C01
    • Drone extras:
      • Lighting Stick C01-C02
      • Missile Trail V01
      • A2A Missile V01 C01
      • A2L Missile V01 C01
    • Prepared Prop Sets (subscenes)
      • SET A2A Missile V01 C01+Trail
      • SET A2L Missile V01 C01+Trail
      • SET Crate V01 C01-C02 Base+Top
      • SET Crate V02 C01-C02 Base+Top
  • Textures Include:
    • 29 Texture, Metallic, Normal, and Bump Maps (512 x 512 to 2048 x 2048)

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install