SD dForce Summer Vibes Genesis 9 and 8 Male

SD dForce Summer Vibes Genesis 9 and 8 Male

The SD dforce Summer vibes for Genesis 9 and 8 male
Ready for summer with this combo! A basic t-shirt, Bermuda shorts and black flip flops are the key to a fresh and relaxed look. Comfort and style in one outfit!

What you get with this package:
T-shirt, bermudas, flip flop, with a lot of textures for combination

Come with adjustment morph
T- shirt:
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Hip Lenghth
Loosen neck
Loosen Sleeves
Loosen collars
Loosen Midriff
Loosen waist lower
Loosen waist upper

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Muscular morph
Adjust crotch
Gen Bulge
Loosen ankles
Loosen buttocks
Loosen kness
Lossen thighs
Loosen waist lower /upper

Flip Flop:
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Loosen ankles

Compatible Software and Requirements:
DAZ Studio 4.22
This product has been tested in DAZ Studio 4.22 on a PC. This product was not tested on a MAC system.
This product is for DAZ Studio only.

Note: In this product, there are not figures, skin textures, hair, etc.

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