Sexy Textured Leggings for Genesis 8 Females

Sexy Textured Leggings for Genesis 8 Females

I present you a High waist textured leggings for your Genesis 8 Females. Best leggings to show off those curves at the gym or on social media.

UV mapped: Yes

Multiple Surface options up to 5

Materials are very easy to mix , match and change. 2 material presets included for patterns

3 Morphs included
2 Textures included

How to use these leggings:

1. 1st Load Sexy Textured Leggings on to your Genesis 8 Female
2. Then Select Sexy Textured Leggings in the scene tab
3. And Load Sexy Textured Leggings Geoshell to put texture pattern on the leggings.

Color of the texture can be changed from Sexy Textured Leggings Geoshell and other surfaces can be changed from the main Sexy textured leggings.

Let me know if any issues occur while using this product i will fix it asap.

Compatible figures: 
3D Models