Smoking Props

Smoking Props

The 70s, when it was fully normal to smoke everywhere. This set brings back those bad memories of foggy rooms and the foul smell of old cigarette smoke in the walls and curtains.

The set comes with a classic 70s spinning ashtray, cigarette pack, cigarettes, a roller to roll your own cigarettes and a classy lighter. The lighter is posable into a lit state and the roller opens. It also comes with a dForce ready table and two different dForce ready pieces of tablecloth.

It also comes with a smoke prop, and a DAZ Studio script to randomize the smoke to create many different looks of smoke. The prop has five planes and used transparency maps to create the different looks. But that's not all, it also comes with a handy script to make all smoke props in the scene face the camera.

The cigarettes come in four different states, new, half smoked, butt and wrinkled butt, and with four different materials for each state, unlit, lit, semi-lit and out. The cigarettes also come either with a filter or home rolled without a filter.

The set also comes with presets, like a full cigarette pack, spinning ashtray with smoking cigarette butts and a fully setup table.

What's Included and Features

  • Smoking Props (.DUF)
  • Presets:
    • !Cigarette Pack Full
    • !Full Table Setup
    • !Lit Halfburned Cigarette
    • !Roller with Cigarette
    • !Spinning Ash Tray Setup
    • !Table with Long Tablecloth
    • !Table with Square Tablecloth
  • Zero Props:
    • Cigarette Butt Bent
    • Cigarette Butt
    • Cigarette Half
    • Cigarette New
    • Cigarette Pack
    • Lighter:
      • Light Me Up
    • dForce Long Tablecloth
    • Roller:
      • Open
      • Roll it
    • Smoke
    • Smoking Table
    • Spinning Ash Tray:
      • Lift Top
      • Push it
    • dForce Square Tablecloth
  • Scripts (.DSE)
    • Make Smokes Face Camera.dse
    • Smoke Randomizer.dse
  • Materials:
    • Cigarette Homerolled New Lit
    • Cigarette Homerolled New Unlit
    • Cigarette New Lit
    • Cigarette New Unlit
    • Cigarette Pack Clint
    • Cigarette Pack Dazzos
    • Cigarette Pack Tall Paul
    • Cigarettes Homerolled Lit
    • Cigarettes Homerolled Out
    • Cigarettes Homerolled Semi Lit
    • Cigarettes Lit
    • Cigarettes Out
    • Cigarettes Semi Lit
    • Lighter Croc Hinton
    • Lighter Lafayette
    • Lighter Ranson
    • Roller Metal and Blue
    • Roller Metal and Red
    • Smoke Default
    • Smoking Table Default
    • Smoking Table Feet Aluminum
    • Smoking Table Feet Black
    • Smoking Table Feet Chrome
    • Smoking Table Surface Black Granite
    • Smoking Table Surface Gray Granite
    • Smoking Table Surface Gray Stone
    • Spinning Ash Tray Black Dirty
    • Spinning Ash Tray Black Disc Dirty
    • Spinning Ash Tray Black New
    • Spinning Ash Tray Red Dirty
    • Spinning Ash Tray Red Disc Dirty
    • Spinning Ash Tray Red New
    • Tablecloth Brown Knit
    • Tablecloth Flowers Dirty
    • Tablecloth Flowers
    • Tablecloth Orange Knit
    • Tablecloth Pattern Clean
    • Tablecloth Pattern Dirty
  • Textures Include:
    • 117 Texture, Bump, Normal, Reflection and Transparency Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install