Spiky Jacket for Genesis 8 Male(s)

Spiky Jacket for Genesis 8 Male(s)

He could be a Rocker on the stage? or a Biker-Gang guy?
Studded Conforming Jacket & pair of gloves, with lots of spikes & studs. Man style of a handcrafted leather outfit.
Comes with 2 color options & 2 styles for jacket ((Vest with bare arms, Opened))

Included in this package:

* Jacket (several spikes & studs are `rigid follow nodes`)
* pair of Gloves (Separate Left & Right)
* 2 colors for Jacket & Gloves (Classic black with petrol tone, Dirty Rusty metal)
* 2 preset for (Vest style, Opened style)
* 5 full body poses
* 1 partial body pose for upper body half
* 1 ZERO Pose for full body
* 1 ZERO preset for zero/reset face expressions
* Metadata for Smart Content Included

* BONUS: 1 color (dark leather) for Pants of `Everyday Outfit for G8M` If you already have it.

Please Note:
-- Take a look at the instructions promo image & youtube vid that talks about some notes & tips to use this outfit.
-- All materials for this pack are `Iray` only , 3Delight is NOT supported.
-- This Jacket is NOT designed to work with Extreme-poses. You can bend/pose the Arms & Abdomens till you see poke-through: Collar max. bend till 40 degrees, Thighs max. bend till 85 degrees, Pelvis & Abdomens few bending till poke-through.

Compatible figures: 
3D Models