PsiFly Robot Insect

PsiFly Robot Insect

PsiFly has been created as Air Support for the Psi Forces. The PsiFly is a Robotic Insect. It is fully posable with Bomb Bay, Lazer, Posable legs, spine, Mandibles, propellers etc.
The model comes with 6 poses 3 partial poses and 3 Mat poses to match the other Psi Forces.
The PsiFly comes with Ion Gun and Partical Gun add on weapon props plus bomb and a propeller blur props.
Remote Dials on the PsiFlys "Body" can control the Spine, Legs and propellers to ease posing and animation.

Product requirements

poser 5+ / Daz Studio 3+
Compatible figures: 
Stand Alone Figures for Daz Studio and Poser