Dawn Special Edition Community Bundle

Dawn Special Edition Community Bundle

With a fresh new look that includes new skin maps, a new sporty hair style, 3 new face morphs and material presets for Poser and DAZ Studio there has never been a better time to add Dawn to your Runtime and experience what she can do! This Special Edition Community Bundle includes Dawn SE, Heroine Hair, String Bikini, Everyday Poses, Starter Morphs, Mini Dress and Platform Pumps.

Dawn is a wholly original figure that contains many great features, such as excellent bending and posing. For example, Dawn can touch her chin to her sternum, cross her fingers, cross her legs convincingly, and even put her hands behind her head without having to bend her head forward. Her toes can be posed individually, and her jaw is fully rigged which allows it to open more naturally, move side-to-side and forward-and-back.

Dawn Special Edition is COMPLETELY compatible with all Dawn, Dawn SR1 or Dawn SR2 products.

Dawn Special Edition Base
- Native Poser Vertex Weight-Mapped Figure Requires Poser 9 or newer)
- Native DAZ Studio TriAxTMWeight Mapped Figure (Requires DAZ Studio 4.6 or newer - 4.8 or newer required for Iray Material presets)

Clothing Resource Developer Suit
- this can be used to create new products (not for creating freebies)

84 Morphs
- All head morphs have additional dials in the head group
51 Control Dials
- All head, hands, and feet controls have additional dials in the hands, head and feet groups
6 JCMs for improved thigh movement
-- See Full Morph, Control Dial and JCM List in Editorial Tab

Dawn Special Edition Character Preset
- see ReadMe file for information and instructions

High Resolution 4096x4096 Skin Maps
- This skin texture set is also a Merchant Resource kit that can be used to create new products (not for creating freebies)
- Poser version comes in Non SSS Skin, SSS Medium Skin, and SSS Pale Skin versions
- DAZ Studio version comes in Iray and 3Delight versions

Dawn Base MATs in Pale and Medium Skin with 7 makeup options
- 5 Eye Colors
- 2 Lash Colors
-25 Everyday Poses

Dawn Heroine Hair
- 22 Pose and Adjustment Morphs
- 5 Color Mats (.mc6, .duf for 3Delight, .duf for Iray)

Dawn String Bikini
- 62 Adjustment and Support Morphs
- 24 Color Mats (.mc6, .duf for 3Delight, .duf for Iray)

Dawn Starter Morphs
- 100 new morphs
-- Full Body
-- Posing
-- Shaping

Dawn Strapless Mini Dress
- Poser CR2
- DAZ Studio DUF
- High Quality 2500x2500 Textures in Black Sequin and Red Lace
Lace Panty
- Poser CR2
- DAZ Studio DUF
- High Quality 2500x2500 Textures in Black Lace, Red Lace and White Lace

Dawn Platform Pumps
- Poser CR2
- DAZ Studio DUF
- 6 inch heels
- 3 inch platforms
- High Quality 2500x2500 Textures in Black, Red and Blue

Special Edition List of Changes from Dawn SR2

Replaced original Dawn Textures with new textures (will not affect installed original texture files)
Replaced Glam Ponytail Hair with Heroine Hair (will not affect installed Glam Ponytail Hair files)
Added 3 new Face Morphs
Added New Character Preset (Dawn Special Edition Preset)
Iray Material presets now included for DAZ Studio for Dawn, Hair and Bikini

Poser 10+ users: for best results, change the skinning method to Poser Unimesh. Dawn supports Poser subdivision.

We recommend that Dawn be used with the limits on (in Poser, check Figure/Use Limits - limits are automatically on in DAZ Studio) to prevent over driving animatable joint centers for morphs that use them (like length morphs and scaling type morphs like tall & short).

Ease of Use:All of Dawn's morphs are located in the body group so that you don't have to hunt and peck around trying to find the master control dials for any body part morph.

*Special thanks to the HiveWire 3D QAV and Beta Teams, Virtual World, Out of Touch, and the Poser and DAZ communities at large, for the feedback and assistance to continually improve our HiveWire 3D Core Figures!

Software: Daz Studio 4, Poser 9+

Compatible figures: 
Stand Alone Figures for Poser and Daz Studio