Captured human soldiers are used as resource by evil artificial intelligence for making battle cyborg drones. This particular example is basic ground enforcer equipped with heavy minigun and tank tread for navigating in rough terrain. Both tank chassi and weapon mount can be swapped for different hardware according to tactical situation.

What is included:
Poser (ERC) Figures:
Man-Tank Torso
Man-Tank Minigun (erc channels for control and look)
Man-Tank Chassi (fully animated tracks)

Smart Props:
Torso Armor

Material Poses:
Dark Minigun
Light Minigun

Mechanical Arm Hand Point, Hold and Open

Scaled to poser people, up to 4kx4k textures, product is intended for closeups, midrange and distant shots, selected dials with limits on, fully rigged figure is suitable for animations. Unpacked Runtime Size: 270 MB. Original Design.

Software: Poser 7+

Stand Alone Figures for Poser and Daz Studio