Sunrise Wet Zone 3: Portrait Style

Sunrise Wet Zone 3: Portrait Style

The package contains 5 photos of "the wet zone" on a wide, wild, and beautiful beach. The area I call the "wet zone" is the area that stays wet while the waves go back and forth. There's probably a different official name. Anyhow, this beach is nearly flat and the wet zone is wide and long. That texturing, the little dark marks? Those are where clams are hiding under the sand.
This beach faces the Pacific Ocean and there is the constant roar of the waves. Further along the coast are shipwrecks. Oh, it looks like a nice calm beach, but it gets wild here. The trees are bent, the houses battered. Access trails to the beach tend to have flags on them: green for moderately safe, yellow for extreme caution, or red for very dangerous.
The locals drive on the beach by the hundreds (yes, the sand is hard enough for traffic), and then park their beatup pick-up trucks above the high tide marks and then wade on into the wet zone to dig clams. They do this in the very early morning in the springtime. (I saw this in late March.)
Here we have the sunrise. This is the Pacific Ocean, and I'm facing west in the photos, so sun is rising BEHIND me. Photos to the east would have had houses in them, so none of the sun actually rising. That dot in the sky is the moon, going for moon set.
How far can we see along the beach? Maybe ten miles. Each way. It's about a mile from the base of the cliff to the waves, and that's the narrow direction. People are usually little dots, or little tiny stick-figures, in the distance.

What could you put here? Vikings? Pirates? Mythical sea creatures coming ashore? Or use it as a backdrop for bathing beauties? And a beach very much like this would have been there when the dinosaurs roamed.

Photos: 2112x2816 (2 are 5.95 megapixels & 180 dpi) and 2592x3456 (3 are 8.96 megapixels and 72 dpi). Unlike the other two packages, which were entirely "landscape" style, this one is entirely "portrait" style. This would be easier to pose people standing up.

Requirements:  Any program that opens jpg files.

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