Styles Vol. 2 for Enchanting Ornaments

Styles Vol. 2 for Enchanting Ornaments

Styles Vol. 2 for Enchanting Ornaments is a set of 7 realistic and diverse PBR styles to enhance and enrich the versatility of the set and offer even more opportunities for mixing and matching with other clothing sets.

All of the materials were optimized on each piece, are PBR, and include all of the beautiful details that make a difference from both up close and from a distance. The ornaments always look great, regardless of the kind of image you are setting up.

These styles' major feature is the inclusion of both "Single" and "Whole" versions for most styles.


  • Do not include any baked info in terms of ornament stripes interactions. These styles can be used with any hide morph and with all the Morphs+ without any out-of-place shadow/ambient occlusion showing.
  • They offer max versatility and compatibility all around.


  • These are deeper, more worn-out versions of the single styles.
  • They are supposed to be used with the default, complete/whole items with no Morph+ or hide customizations as they include texture-backed information of the interaction between the ornament stripes.
  • In some instances, they can still look alright with shape morphs, or some hide morphs. See if the backed AO info looks out of place in your image or if it looks like a piece was misplaced — a feature that could contribute to telling a story.

Hierarchical materials are included for the complete styles so that you can easily apply them with one click.

They are also included for the gems only to easily mix and match those with any starting style you choose.

Mix and match all of these with the 4 basic styles included in the base product to create your own metals/styles scheme. To offer some inspiration, we included 10 mixes.

The featured styles in this volume are:

  • Damascus
  • Decadent gold
  • Neon with emission options, simple color options, and plastic-only versions (very easy to recolor)
  • Old metal
  • Sandblasted bronze (includes a light/neutral version for easier color customization)
  • Silver deep
  • Weathered (includes a neutral version for easier color customization)

The gems-only hierarchical mats are very handy to change the flair of any style you choose or to create cohesiveness should you mix more than one style.

Included are also several pre-picked neutral metal nuances. These are fine-tuned to work on gray metals such as the bronze neutral but can, of course, be used on any style to give it a subtle nuance. We recommend sticking to lighter colors when customizing the base color so you keep as much texture detail as possible and a more realistic outcome.

Several panty textures are included. They do not match any style in particular but can work well with any of them and offer a wide range of style choices. The panties also include several neutral or light-colored options for easy color customization.

Take your scene to the next level with the customizable Styles Vol. 2 for Enchanting Ornaments!

Nurturing Yields Majesticness

What's Included and Features

  • Styles Vol. 2 for Enchanting Ornaments: (.DUF)
    • !Neutral Metal nuances
      • Base color
      • Antique
      • Bronze
      • Copper
      • Gold deep
      • Gold simple
      • Platinum posh
    • Styles: each includes Complete Hierarchical Mat, bra, neck, shoulders, forearms, hips + Panties, hips, thighs, and shins.
    • Damascus
      • Damascus singles
      • Damascus whole
    • Gold decadent
      • Gold decadent singles
      • Gold decadent whole
    • Neon
      • Neon Emission
        • Emission options
          • Luminance 001
          • Luminance 010
          • Luminance 100
          • Blue
          • Green
          • Orange
          • Pink
          • Purple
          • Red
          • White
          • Yellow
      • Neon No Emission
        • Color options
          • Blue
          • Green
          • Orange
          • Pink
          • Purple
          • Red
          • White
          • Yellow
      • Plastic only
        • Plastic 1 - Opacity High
        • Plastic 2 - Opacity Mid
        • Plastic 3 - Opacity None
        • Plastic 4 - Mix
        • Plastic 5 - Mix
    • Old metal
      • Old metal singles
      • Old metal whole
    • Sandblasted
      • Sandblasted bronze singles
      • Sandblasted bronze whole
      • Sandblasted light singles
      • Sandblasted light whole
    • Silver deep
      • Silver deep singles
      • Silver deep whole
    • Weathered
      • Weathered bronze singles
      • Weathered bronze whole
      • Weathered neutral singles
      • Weathered neutral whole
    • Gems only
      • Damascus Gems
      • Gold decadent Gems
      • Neon emission Gems
      • Neon no emission Gems
      • Neon plastic Gems
      • Old metal Gems
      • Sandblasted Gems
      • Silver deep Gems
      • Weathered bronze Gems
      • Weathered neutral Gems
    • Panties:
      • Fabric elegant dark
      • Fabric elegant white
      • Fabric elegant
      • Lace+Satin Opacity 1 - none
      • Lace+Satin Opacity 2
      • Lace+Satin Opacity 3
      • Lace+Satin Black
      • Lace+Satin Goth
      • Lace+Satin Royal
      • Lace+Satin Vampy
      • Lace+Satin White
      • Leather decorated elegant
      • Leather decorated rough
      • Leather slick beige
      • Leather slick black
      • Leather slick white
      • Plastic
      • Plastic emission
      • Stylish
    • Styles Mix:
      • Mix Vol 2 01 singles/whole
      • Mix Vol 2 02 singles/whole
      • Mix Vol 2 03 singles/whole
      • Mix Vol 2 04 singles/whole
      • Mix Vol 2 05 singles/whole
      • Mix Vol 2 06 singles/whole
      • Mix Vol 2 07 singles/whole
      • Mix Vol 2 08 singles/whole
      • Mix Vol 2 09 singles/whole
      • Mix Vol 2 10 singles/whole
    • Textures include:
      • 602 Texture, Base Color, Glossy, Emission, Height, Metallic, Normal, Opacity, and Roughness Maps (4096 x 4096)
    • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Required Products:

Enchanting Ornaments for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8.1 Female

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install