Sugar for Genesis 8 Female

Sugar for Genesis 8 Female

Sugar, a creation for Genesis 8, stands as a dazzling embodiment of purity and elegance. With skin as pure as freshly fallen snow, she exuded an ethereal aura that captivated everyone who saw her. Her features, finely chiseled, exude a sense of timeless elegance, accentuated by eyes that sparkle like precious gems. However, beneath his calm exterior lies a spirit filled with resilience and determination, ready to face any challenge that comes his way. Sugar isn't just a character; she is a testament to the beauty and strength found within.

Included in this Package:

1 Head and Body Morph Applies to Genesis 8 Female

-Head Sugar Apply/Discard
-Body Sugar Apply/remove
-Sugar Character Presets

* DAZ STUDIO 4.20 Iray MAT

- 01 Sugar Iray Full MAT

- 05 Iray Eye Colors
- 08 Iray Lip Color
- 09 Makeup Colors

Compatible figures: 
3D Models