SWAN Dance Costume Kit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

SWAN Dance Costume Kit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

Welcome to the charm and elegance of Swan Dance!

This set is inspired by Swan Lake, a ballet by Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who would later go on to write and compose The Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty.

On 4 March 1877, a new ballet premiered at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. The story of the ballet is based on a Russian or German folktale.

The composer became fascinated by the life story of Bavarian King Ludwig II, who had supposedly been called The Swan King and died under mysterious circumstances by drowning himself in a lake. This likely served as Tchaikovsky's main inspiration for his lead characters Odette and Prince Siegfried.

The premire received heavy criticism from the experts as they considered the ballet to be overly complicated. The German origins of the story evoked further suspicion, while the tale was considered nonsensical. However, despite all its detractors, the ballet racked up 41 performances in a span of 6 years, something that cannot be ignored. During the 1890s, Ivan Vsevolozhsky and Petipa decided to collaborate with Tchaikovsky to revive Swan Lake. However, on the 6th of November 1893, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky passed away during the initial planning stage of the project.

Swan Lake has become a constantly evolving form of art, a testament to the fact that most productions have made their own alterations in the order and number of dances and even crafted alternate endings. It remains one of the most popular works that is adored by both adults and children, making its appeal more powerful and endearing. Tchaikovsky was responsible for the evolution of ballet, and its influence on pop culture, that it came from the master of the ballet is further proof that it indeed is a work of art. Swan Lake may feel somewhat melancholic, but its thrill is absolute. It can be termed as a moment of pure exuberance, but only a moment.

The materials are optimized and tested for use in Iray.

SWAN Dance Costume Kit is jam-packed to give you the flexibility of customization for your art!

Fascinator plus the Choker and the Violin sold separately!

What's Included and Features

  • SWAN Dance Costume Kit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females (.DUF)
  • SWAN Dance Arm Wraps
    • Arms Elbow
    • Arms Lower
    • Arms Upper
    • Arms Wrists
  • SWAN Dance Breast Plates
    • Chest Pectorals
    • Chest Upper
    • Waist 01
  • SWAN Dance Tutu
    • Tutu ADJ Back Lower
    • Tutu ADJ Skirt Back
    • Tutu ADJ Tummy
    • Tutu Adj Thigh Back L/R
    • Tutu Adj Thigh Front L/R
    • Tutu Adj Thigh Side L/R
    • Tutu Back Length
    • Tutu Back Swan Curl
    • Tutu Belly Fixer
    • Tutu Bum Push out
    • Tutu Curl Sides
    • Tutu Expand All
    • Tutu Fluffy Front
    • Tutu Front Length
    • Tutu Inner Thigh Fix
    • Tutu L/R Thigh Fix
    • Tutu Left/Right Fluff
    • Tutu Left/Right Up
    • Tutu Lift Skirt Bottom L/R
    • Tutu Right Fluff
    • Tutu SIT Squish
    • Tutu Skirt Left Upper
    • Tutu Skirt Longer
    • Tutu Skirt Shorter
    • Tutu TILT Front
    • Tutu TILT Back
    • Tutu TILT L/R
    • Tutu Adj Buttocks
    • Tutu Adj Hips
    • Tutu Bum Push Up
    • Tutu Lower Back ADJ
    • Tutu SIZE ALL
    • Tutu Waist Side Left/Right
    • Tutu Wider Front/back
    • Tutu FLUFF Up Sides
  • SWAN Dance Wings
    • Royal Dance
    • Wings Flutter
    • Wings ADJ X/Y/Z
    • Wings Move Y/Z
    • Wings Size
  • Supports Genesis 8 Shapes
  • Props
    • SWAN Dance Backdrop
  • Materials Include
    • SWAN Eyes (Bonus Item)
    • Beswick Blue
    • Black Swan
    • Blue Ribbon
    • Bordeaux Belle
    • Coscoroba Blush
    • Country Patch
    • Cream Ribbon
    • Cream Whooper
    • Lavender Mute
    • Muddy Waters
    • Odette
    • Pink Ribbon
    • Rustic Hide
    • Silver Ribbon
    • Swan Lake
  • Textures Include:
    • 290 Texture, Height, Normal, Metallic, Specular, and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8.1 Female

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.20

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install