Sword Mastery Poses for Genesis 9

Sword Mastery Poses for Genesis 9

Sword Mastery Poses made for Genesis 9 Base Feminine and Masculine as well as the two included shapes Male Sword Master and Female Sword Master, is based on the real-world Chinese martial art Wushu. Wushu is in between a dance and a traditional fighting martial art, to master it requires exquisite focus, balance, and strength. It was recently included as an Olympic sport. The gesture of holding up two fingers signals the ability to strike or defend oneself.

There are mostly one-handed and a few dual-wielding poses for a short sword type called a Jian. I also used some Monk Shaolin Wushu images for reference. A few of the Male poses are different as an artistic decision, they just looked better. It also includes five simple cameras to place your subject arranged for good composition in your renders.

There are separate shaping presets for Head and Body of Female Sword Master and Male Sword Master. They are the ones I used for the renders. In some of my renders, I added Josie 9 face at 25% to the included face shape. The feminine shape is shown by itself in Popup 04. The "Genesis 9 Body Shapes" and "Genesis 9 Head Shapes" products are required for the shaping poses only.

Some of the hands are saved out as hand poses. Eye movement is in the FB poses but no expression, if you apply an expression first and then these poses, it will have the eye movement + expression you chose.

This pose set includes 4 Shaping Poses, 26 Full Body Poses for Feminine, 26 Full Body Poses for Masculine, and 14 Hand Poses, the Full Body Poses and Hands work for both Base and included Shapes.

What's Included and Features

  • Sword Mastery Poses for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
    • 26 Full Body Poses for Genesis 9 Base Feminine, and Female Sword Master Shape
    • 26 Full Body Poses for Genesis 9 Base Masculine, and Male Sword Master Shape
    • 14 Hand Poses
  • Shaping:
    • Female Sword Master Head Shape
    • Female Sword Master Body Shape
    • Male Sword Master Head Shape
    • Male Sword Master Body Shape
  • Cameras:
    • 5 Basic Cameras

Required Products:

Genesis 9 Head Shapes, Genesis 9 Body Shapes

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 9

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.22

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Compatible figures: 
Sword Mastery Poses for Genesis 9 | 3D Models for Daz Studio