Jeep Liberty 2002 - OBJ/ 3ds - Extended License

Jeep Liberty 2002 - OBJ/ 3ds  - Extended License

The Jeep Liberty, or Jeep Cherokee outside North America, is a compact SUV that was produced by Jeep for the model years 2002–2012. Introduced as a replacement for the Cherokee (XJ), the Liberty was priced between the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. It was the smallest of the 4-door Jeep SUVs until the car based 4-door Compass and Patriot arrived for 2007. The Liberty ceased production on August 16, 2012.

It was the first Jeep vehicle to use rack and pinion steering. It's also the first Jeep to use the two then-new PowerTech engines; the 150 horsepower (110 kW) 2.4 L straight-4, which was discontinued in 2006, and the 210 horsepower (160 kW) 3.7 L V6, as well as a 2.8 L VM Motori turbo diesel (2005-2006 only) for the CRD versions. However, the Liberty was not the first Jeep vehicle to use an independent front suspension, as the Jeep Wagoneer first used it in the 1963 model.

This digital model is based on the 2002 version of the Jeep Liberty.

Product Features:
- Approx 233,572 polygons.
- Made entirely with 3 and 4 point polygons.
- Digitally scanned from the actual car, which gives the digital model a highly accurate shape.
- Includes modelled tire treads, which means textures/ bump maps aren't needed.
- Has an interior cabin, which can be seen through the windows, HOWEVER, only the upper section of the seats and dashboard is included.
- Because of this, we recommend darkening the windows.
- Includes group information, which your software should interpret as separate parts, which includes:
-- All 4 wheels
-- Steering wheel
-- (The doors, hood, and truck are not a separate part.)
- Although the model includes these parts, this version of the model is not rigged.
- Includes logically named materials, such as BodyMetal, Tires, Headlight Glass, and more. This makes it very easy to recolor the model.
- This version includes an mtl file, which your software program should read to colorize the model.
- The model has basic UV mapping and NO textures are included. You'll need to apply your own shaders, such as metal and fabric.

Software: 3DS Max, UNREAL Game Engine, UNITY

Textures for Poser and Daz Studio