Tickling Hairbrush

Tickling Hairbrush

This was made by request, a hairbrush, for tickling, or you know, brushing hair even.
This ended up being a very high polly item, due to all the bristles. It has 307599 verts, 631268 tris, using 4k textures.
It has 35 textures options for the handle, 6 options for the cushion, 5 for the bristles, including white/gray, for easy recoloring as you need.
I attempted to include a couple of hand poses (Gen9 and Gen8), but I do not know how well they will work.

This is part of a collection, which you can get here. https://www.renderhub.com/thedevian/brushes-and-mirror-set

If you need the brushes in another format, send me a message and we can probably work something out.

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