Tinted and Textured Glass Iray Shaders

Tinted and Textured Glass Iray Shaders

Tinted and Textured Glass Iray Shaders allow you as an artist to create literally thousands of unique combinations of glass patterns with different tint looks, adding that extra twist to your scenes. The best part is that it's all at the click of a few buttons!

This is all sourced from the 83 beautiful colored tints, 17 Glass Patterns (with 3 preset scales each), and 12 utilities.

It's perfect for all applications where glass is used, from building or car windows, sunglasses, ornaments, art pieces, mosaics, and anything in between. If you apply any tinted glass in front of a god ray, it will burst into a stream of colors!

Maybe you don't want to use a textured pattern and would like to apply just the tint. Well, I have you covered there, as there is also included solid, plain glass for tints to be applied to. On the other hand, if you don't want to use a tint, you can use just the glass pattern as it is. You can even change it up a bit and add a frosted look to it with one of the handy utilities.

This pack boasts diversity and should have you covered for any scene that includes glass in any form!

Tinted and Textured Glass Iray Shaders come with the following utility options:

  • 30 Full Tints
  • 11 General Tints
  • 30 Gradient Half Tints
  • 12 Tint Uniques
  • 17 Large Scale Glass Patterns
  • 17 Medium Scale Glass Patterns
  • 17 Small Scale Glass Patterns
  • Displacement Off, Low, High
  • Tiling 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 5x5, 8x8
  • Clear Glass, Part-Frosted Glass, Frosted Glass

Please note: There are several tiling utility options, which are designed to be used on any raw glass pattern, that do not have any tint applied.

In some cases, using this utility option on a tint may make the tint have a striped pattern; as funky as it can be, it is a look not everyone may want. (Feel free to try it out still, as it can generate some cool looks!)

To rectify this and keep the seamless look of the tint, all-glass patterns have been prescaled in separate folders (small, medium, and large in scale), which you can seamlessly apply any tint without the striped look. This should have you covered for most situations. All other utilities work seamlessly with tint.

What's Included and Features

  • Tinted and Textured Glass Iray Shader: (.DUF)
  • Included Shaders:
    • Texture Pattern Shaders (Small/Medium/Large):
      • Acid Etched Circle
      • Acid Etched Glass Wood Grain
      • Acid Etched Hexagon
      • Acid Etched Square
      • Boiled Glass
      • Bubbled Glass
      • Diagonal Stripes
      • Fluted Glass Pattern
      • Horizontal Stripes
      • Inverted Diagonal Stripes
      • Natural Etched Lines
      • Pressed Pattern Glass
      • Rough Glass
      • Tinted Glass Droplets
      • Vertical Stripes
      • Warped Wave Glass
      • Waterfall
    • Tint Uniques:
      • Abyss
      • Aqua Sunrise
      • Atlantis
      • Aurora
      • Burning Sunset
      • City Lights
      • Fair Morning
      • Into the Matrix
      • Midnight Forest
      • Morning Haze
      • Red Sky in Morning
      • Westside Sunset
    • General Tints:
      • Black 05%
      • Black 20%
      • Black 35%
      • Black 50%
      • Black 70%
      • Blue Lens
      • Brown Lens
      • Green Lens
      • Pink Lens
      • Violet Lens
      • Yellow Lens
    • Full Tint: Base/Dark/Pale
      • Amber
      • Amethyst
      • Aquamarine
      • Byzantium
      • Crimson
      • Emerald
      • Jade
      • Sapphire
      • Tourmaline
      • Turquoise
    • Gradient Half Tints: Base/Dark/Pale
      • Amber
      • Amethyst
      • Aquamarine
      • Byzantium
      • Crimson
      • Emerald
      • Jade
      • Sapphire
      • Tourmaline
      • Turquoise
    • Utilities:
      • Displacement High
      • Displacement Low
      • Displacement Off
      • Glass Base Reset
      • Roughness Clear
      • Roughness Frosted
      • Roughness Part Frosted
      • Tiling 1x1
      • Tiling 2x2
      • Tiling 3x3
      • Tiling 5x5
      • Tiling 8x8
  • Textures Include:
    • 218 Texture, Bump, Transparency and Normal Maps (2048 x 2048)
  • Daz Studio Iray Shaders (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install