AtoZ Geeble Twin Level Addons PLUS I v1

AtoZ Geeble Twin Level Addons PLUS I v1

AtoZ Geeble Twin Level Addons UDaA PLUS I v1

UDaA = Up Down and Around...

What were we thinking? A long time ago, when we issued the AtoZ Geeble Elevated Twin Deck (Highway plus) we left you "hanging" and we apologize to you for that. Then I even dared to create AtoZ Geeble Spaceport, Industrial I and II even the Geeble City Walls and never gave your vehicles (cargo, passenger and trains) a way down off of the Twin Deck!
Perhaps this was inexcusable, but we noticed that you liked these products even without a way to "get down".

So here is the expansive solution Roadways and Railways designed to (at 8.45% Poser or DAZ to Geeble scale) give you ways down.

And included are Bonus Items you can use to create a Twin Level Highways Deck with both levels being highways! You can also make a single Deck Highway or Railway with what's included if you so wish!

WOW! There's a UK or US Round About, a 2nd Level to ground level highway curved off Ramp, Plus UK and US Highway "L" "T" and "X" road " intersections.

We hope you'll have fun creating different Roads and Railways either full scale or reduced to 8.45% to match Greeble/Geeble size!

Be sure to check out the AtoZ Geeble City Sized HUGE Ground Plane that's included with its four MAT Poses!

Software: Poser 10+

Transportation for Daz Studio and Poser