Dwarven Engineer Ship for Poser

Dwarven Engineer Ship for Poser

The dwarven kingdoms in exile has its Engineer's Fleet - a fleet of sea going, engine powered vessels that seek out new lands, looking for the minerals needed to keep the old technology alive. Dwarven engineer ships are armed and plated with dwarven steel, but also carry a small exploratory skiff and a drill machine to take core samples.

Components: Complete Ship, Anchor, Ballista, Barrel, Ammo Box, Box (3), Drilling Machine, Engine, Hammock, Levers, Chimney, Speakers, Stairs, Stove, Table

About Dwarven Journeys
Many races believe erroneously that dwarves are afraid of the sea - yet armored dwarven vessels sail to far off lands, trading and seeking out a new homeland for the exile tribes. Dwarven Journeys Volume 1 - aka Dwarves and the Sea - is a collection of water craft models based around the Dwarf themes.

Software: Poser 8+

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