FA Stormbringer Squad DropShip Pack

FA Stormbringer Squad DropShip Pack

Here it is, the Fire Angel's FA Stormbringer DropShip Pack. Seven versions of the squad-sized DropShip for Poser or DAZ Studio, with many options to give you the best story-telling tool for your renders.

The package contains seven different versions of the ship, four armed Stormbringer DropShips and three unarmed Stormrider shuttle ships. It features a solid exterior design with swivelling engine pods for VTOL or STOL operation, and is extremely detailed both inside and out. The landing gear is lowered or raised by a single dial using fully posable ERC technology, so one dial first opens the doors and then lowers the gear. Both cockpit canopies open and so do the side doors for the main cabin, and the rear ramp and ramp door are opened by a single dial. Almost all of the control dials in the figure are in one body part, making it easy to pose the model just the way you want it.

For variety there are over thirty MAT poses provided and a set of Hide and Show poses to hide or display the gun turrets or the sensor turret on the unarmed version. For military use the colours are provided for the aerospace forces of Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan (two different paint schemes), Norway, Poland, Sweden, the UK (three paint schemes) and the USA (seven paint schemes). As well as this there are four fictional alien military paint schemes and four different civil paint schemes. All of the MAT poses have proper DAZ Studio versions so that Studio users don't have to set up the many materials before rendering.

Extra weapons pods come in the form of a conforming figure, and there is a posable casualty trolley that can fold down to be used as a wheeled stretcher. In addition, to save memory, there are two prop versions of the same trolley.

Ten props also round out the set, most potentially useful in scenes where the Stormbringer doesn't appear. There are medical gas cylinders, Oxygen and NOX, two fire extinguishers, a missile, a rocket pod and the casualty trolleys previously mentioned. In addition there are external fuel tanks for the ship as smart-prop groups that each load with a single click. Each group consists of the wing mounting pylons as one prop and two drop-tanks as separate props, so you can if you wish show them being dropped in your renders.

Free add-ons for the Stormbringer are available, see the link under the Editorial tab.

Requirements: Poser 6 or later, DAZ Studio or later.

Transportation for Poser and Daz Studio