'Long-nosed' P-40 Tomahawk for Poser

'Long-nosed' P-40 Tomahawk for Poser

'Long-nosed' P-40 Tomahawk for Poser.

The package contains:
Models for P-40 (about 120.000 polygons), droptank and rocket.
7 different materialshader for the P-40 (2 for the P-40, 5 for the P-40B/C), 2 for glass reflection on/off and 2 for the droptank.
12 poses.
1 zip-file with UV-maps.

Background, light, pilot and cloth seeing in the images are not included.
Images rendered with Poser Pro 2014.

Differences between the version P-40 and P-40B/C who can be changable with the poses Version P40 and Version P40_BC:
- one MG in each wing against two at the P-40B/C
- longer barrel at the cowling-MG's against the P-40B/C
- simpler visor and no bulletproof glass shield against the P-40B/C
- other tank openings against the P-40B/C
- no navigation lights in the fuselage against the P-40B/C

The model consists of several parts which can be rigged with dials.
The dials for rigging will be available by selecting the body part 'fuselage'

Rigging parts:
Canopy open/close
Prop spin
Cown flaps open/close
Flaps in/out
Suspension in/out
Wheel left in/out
Wheel right in/out
Wheel doors open/close
Wheels spin
Tail wheel turning

Version P40
Version P40_BC
Prop show
Propblur show
Shakles hide
Shakles show
Mounting hide
Mounting show
Antenna 2 hide
Antenna 2 show

Software: Poser 9+

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