Secret Agent Car for DS

Secret Agent Car for DS

Secret Agent Car for Daz Studio 4.9. "Secret Agent Car " is a bespoke two-door coupé developed by the British Secret Intelligence Service's (SIS/MI6) research and development division, Q-Branch, this car is a £3 million prototype vehicle armed with a variety of high-tech countermeasures.

Wheels,Doors, Spoiler are movable!
A range of design options make it possible to customize this car to its taste

Also included are four pose presents for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male as driver.

This package contains:

Secret Agent Car.duf

Poses Preset

SAC Driver Pose GF8.duf
SAC Driver Pose GM8.duf

Materials Iray (.DUF)

SAC Body Lights OFF.duf
SAC Body Lights ON.duf


SAC Arden Green.duf
SAC Cobalt Blue.duf
SAC Ivory.duf
SAC Obsidian Black.duf
SAC Ocellus Teal.duf
SAC Onyx Black Limited.duf
SAC Quantum Silver.duf
SAC Selene Bronze.duf
SAC Silver Blonde.duf
SAC Volcano Red.duf


01 -SAC Argento Grey Door.duf
01 -SAC Argento Grey.duf
01 -SAC Bitter Chocolate Door.duf
01 -SAC Bitter Chocolate.duf
01 -SAC Cream Truffle Door.duf
01 -SAC Cream Truffle.duf
01 -SAC Obsidian Black Door.duf
01 -SAC Obsidian Black.duf
01 -SAC Spicy Red Door.duf
01 -SAC Spicy Red.duf
01 -SAC True Teal Door.duf
01 -SAC True Teal.duf
SAC Pure Black Door Stitch Only.duf
SAC Pure Black Stitch Only.duf


01 - SAC Black Tire.duf
01 - SAC Blue Tire.duf
01 - SAC Red Tire.duf
01 - SAC White Tire.duf
01 - SAC Yellow Tire.duf
02 - SAC Anodised Brake Calipers.duf
02 - SAC Black Brake Calipers.duf
02 - SAC Blue Brake Calipers.duf
02 - SAC Red Brake Calipers.duf
02 - SAC Yellow Brake Calipers.duf
SAC Arden Green Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Carbon Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Chrome Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Cobalt Blue Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Ivory Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Obsidian Black Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Ocellus Teal Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Onyx Black Limited Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Quantum Silver Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Selene Bronze Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Silver Blonde Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Volcano Red Mirror Shell.duf
SAC Wheel Rim ALL Aluminium.duf
SAC Wheel Rim Black.duf
SAC Wheel Rim Blue.duf
SAC Wheel Rim Red.duf
SAC Wheel Rim Yellow.duf

Character, hair , outfit and background on images are NOT included!

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Transportation for Poser and Daz Studio