Apocalypse Car 2

Apocalypse Car 2

This model looks like a BMW X5. He has many parts that can be moving and there are 1 Texture in the Apocalype style. Two Rocket Launcher and one machine gun in the back look very nice ;). One machine gun as Prop for the Roof rounded up this Package.

Thank you for your interest

Mausel & Mike2010

Included in this Package:

1 Apocalypse Car 2 with movable Parts
1 Apocalypse Car 2 P8+ with movable Parts

1 Apocalypse Car 2 MG Prop

2 Poser Mat
2 Mat Pose
2 Poses for M4
4 Poses for V4

8 Texturmaps incl. Trans and Bump Maps

Moveable Parts:
Steer Left : Left-Right
Steer Right : Left-Right
Wheel Left : Rotate
Wheel Right : Rotate
Wheels Back : Rotate
Seat Left : Front-Back
Seat Right : Front-Back
Steering : Rotate
Door Left Front : Open-Close
Door Right Front: Open-Close
Door Left Back : Open-Close
Door Right Back : Open-Close
Hatch : Open-Close
Launcher H Left : Rotate, Up-Down
R-Launcher Left : Up-Down
Launcher H Right: Rotate, Up-Down
R-Launcher Right: Up-Down
Machine Gun H : Up-Down
Machine Gun : Left-Right
Knife Light : In-Out
Knife Right : In-Out
Lamp Rotate : Rotate
Lamp Up-Down : Up-Down
Seat Left : Front-Back
Steering : Rotate

Body : Steering both

Product requirements

Poser 6 or Higher, optional V4 and or M4 for Poses
Transportation for Poser