Type-of-Graphika Set - Find your Words in Daz Studio

Type-of-Graphika Set - Find your Words in Daz Studio

Remember when you couldn't find the words to display your feelings, desires or intentions? Well, now you have all the words, signs and symbols you need to go on the right path. And you'll never lack a letter or a question sign, be it for sending a message, writing your initials, playing scrabble or cross-words, making a logo or an advertising sign, writing a letter or the name of a restaurant or hotel on a building.

Type-of-Graphika Set contains 3 different full sets of characters: one small-size letters (approx. 13-18 centimeters in height) you can use on the shelves, walls, and so on; one medium-size set (0.55- 0.8 meters in height) and one human-sized set for big scenes (1.55 - 2.13 m).

Every set contains upper and lower letters, numbers, punctuation signs and special characters (hash, dollar, slash etc). Any character/symbol is a separate prop, so you can move them independently, rotate, translate or scale them on any of XYZ axes. You can group them together (forming words, if you want) in order to be moved easily, or you can combine them in dependencies (parent/children hierarchies). All characters are individually UV-mapped, so that you can easily apply any of the 41 shaders and colors contained in the package, or any of your favorite shaders from your library. The package contains a lot of utilities and presets so you can adjust the depth and scale of any character, as well as shaders presets for glossiness and tiles.

Additionally, Type-of-Graphika Set includes almost seven hundreds (696 exactly) of pre-made usual words in different fonts and sizes. Also, 73 destinations texts (airport, library, pub, street, bus station, etc) and 6 arrows which will help you indicate a location or the destination of a building, as well as the direction to it. Another 9 informative signs with icons attached will only add a plus to your renders. Each one of these is a separate prop so it can be scaled/moved/manipulated individually an can receive different maps, shaders or colors, allowing you to create the scenes you imagined.

Moreover, we added a set of 45 decorative messages and sayings for your walls, your desks or for the blank spaces in your scenes. So if you want to welcome your visitor you can simply place a beautiful Welcome sign on the front door. You can also stick a funny quote on the room's wall, in order to amuse your viewers, or a motivational message on your character's desk.

The package contains 41 shaders (emissive, wood and metal, candy) and colors (simple and glossy) to free your imagination, as well as presets for tiling and glossiness.

A huge modular backdrop composed of 9 parts (floors, walls, ceilings) will help you provide amazing renders. The parts can be loaded individually in order for you to achieve the best possible angle for your render.

Type-of-Graphika Set contains all the tools you need for you to express yourself through words. Bring colors to your renders, pose your favorite character sitting on a word, transmit some feelings, make statements, play scrabble, decorate your walls and rooms, get creative: it's all about your imagination!

What's Included and Features

  • Type-of-Graphika Set - Find your Words in Daz Studio (.DUF)
  • Letters
    • Small Letters
      • 26 Uppercase
      • 26 Lowercase
      • 10 Numbers
      • 28 Punctuation Signs
    • Medium Letters
      • 26 Uppercase
      • 26 Lowercase
      • 10 Numbers
      • 32 Punctuation Signs
    • big Letters
      • 26 Uppercase
      • 26 Lowercase
      • 10 Numbers
      • 45 Punctuation Signs
    • Words
      • 73 Destinations + 6 Arrows
      • 9 Info-signs With Icons
      • 696 Various Words
    • Decorative Text
      • 31 Texts
      • 14 Sayings
  • Shaders
    • 5 Wood Shaders
    • 7 Metal Shaders
    • 8 Emissive Shaders For Iray
    • 7 Candy Shaders
    • 7 Glossy Colors
    • 7 Simple Colors
  • Shaders Options
    • 7 Intensities For Emissive Shaders
    • 8 Tiling Presets
    • 10 Glossy Intensities
  • Modular Backdrops
    • 1 Curved Backdrop Module
    • 1 Straight Backdrop Module
    • 9 Separate Elements Bases, Floors, Walls, Ceilings
  • Utilities For Words And Letters
    • 7 Depth Presets + Reset Scale
    • 8 Uniform Scale Presets + Reset Scale
  • Texture Includes
    • 39 Texture Maps (1024 x 1024)
  • Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.12

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install