UHD Madame Web: Seer of Fate for Advanced Suit

UHD Madame Web: Seer of Fate for Advanced Suit

UHD Madame Web: Seer of Fate for Advanced Suit

Unlock the extraordinary potential of "UHD Madame Web: Seer of Fate" with the addition of a beautifully crafted blindfold prop for her mask and an exclusive animation that showcases her powers. Dive into the mystique of Madame Web with this expansion, featuring precise control over the blindfold's tails using 10 customizable morph sliders.

Key Features:

Blindfold Prop: Elevate Madame Web's enigmatic aura with a meticulously crafted blindfold prop that perfectly complements her mask. COMPLETE with 10 "Morph Sliders" for tails animation.

2 Exclusive Animations: Immerse yourself in some enticing animated presets that brings Madame Web to life. Observe her graceful transition from a poised hero stance to a telekinetic pose and back. (Key frame adjustments may be required)

2 Full Body Poses, alongside 4 hand poses with mirrors. Style with grace.

4K Close-Ups: Revel in the intricate details of 4K textures, ensuring each close-up captures the essence of Madame Web's mystique.

Tailoring Control: Command the appearance of the blindfold with precision using 10 customizable morph sliders, allowing you to pose the tails to your liking.

UHD Textures: Experience the intricacy of up to 8K textures that enhance every facet of this ethereal attire.

Seamless Fit: Dynamic control morphs guarantee a perfect fit, gracefully adapting to your character's every move.

Enigmatic Realism: Witness the captivating realism of DAZ Iray rendering as Madame Web's mystique comes to life.

Installation & Usage:

Download the "UHD Madame Web: Seer of Fate" expansion.

Open DAZ Studio 4.12 or higher.

Load your Genesis 8 Female model already attired in the Advanced Suit.

Access the outfit's material settings.

Apply the Madame Web style, complete with the stunning blindfold prop, to create a vision of clairvoyant elegance in your renders.

Discover the full extent of Madame Web's powers by watching the exclusive animated presentation. Visit the Base product's home page for comprehensive details, usage notes, and additional features.

Note: The exquisite textures may require a brief wait during application, but the mesmerizing results are well worth it. Explore the animated promo to witness the full animation and unleash the Seer of Fate within your artwork.

Compatible figures: 
3D Models