Preschooler Hooded Cloak

Preschooler Hooded Cloak

Whether your Matt or Maddie characters are fairytale characters lost in the woods or mischievious halflings on the run with their latest trinket, this cloak is for them. It will morph to fit just about any Preschooler character and has two easy-to-use handles that help to pose and scale the cloak and hood.

Compatible 3D Figures
Millennium Kids - Preschoolers
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • 32 Full Body Morphs
    • All the Full Body Morphs to fit any Preschool character
      • Heavy
    • Motion, shaping, and fit morphs
      • CloakAway
      • CloakBillow1
      • CloakBillow2
      • CloakBillow3
      • CloakFan
      • CloakFrwd1
      • CloakFrwd2
      • FlareLArm
      • FlareRArm
      • HoodClassic
      • HoodFull1
      • HoodFull2
      • HoodLoosen1
      • HoodLoosen2
      • HoodOpen1
      • HoodOpen2
      • SizeLength
      • SizeTopFull
      • CollarL Bk
      • CollarL Dwn
      • CollarL Fwd
      • CollarL Up
      • CollarR Bk
      • CollarR Dwn
      • CollarR Fwd
      • CollarR Up
      • FitFastenerUp
      • FitShldrsIn
      • FitCollarsFrwd
      • FitCollarsIn
      • FitCollarsUp
    • Double-sided cloak with lining
  • Body handles
    • Morph or pose/scale the hood and cloak independently from the figure using two simple-to-understand body handles
  • Materials, maps and MATS
    • Ultra-unwrapped UV mapping
    • Template designed to match an actual seamstress pattern
    • 4 material zones (Cloak Outer, Cloak Inner, Trim, Fastener)
Compatible figures: 
Uniforms Costumes for Daz Studio and Poser