PS-DruUna for V4

PS-DruUna for V4

The centuries were long and many, as were the number of her victims - countless in times's eternal night.  Soon it would be time again to rise and feed, to seek the sustenance of her existence.  Like others of her kind, she had tried the substitutions, the variations, the alternatives to satisfy and appease her craving; but these were hollow truths that could not, did not sustain her long.  Fresh blood alone, fresh kill alone, only this and this alone would fill and bring the nurture she required.  Thus she stalked the dim byways, the alleys far removed, the desolate places where wretched dregs of the living lingered on in shallow, pained condition to at last find peace in the violent comfort of her embrace.  It was a kindness in a way.  An end to suffering.  A symbiotic service, in which misery ceased and life was sustained.  At least such a life as any she had known these dark and endless years. The centuries were long and many, as were the number of her lovers - countless in times' eternal night.  Hungry, lonely, ever craving the warmth and trembling, quivering touch of another's arms, no caress could ever wholly supply, DruUna lingered on.  A shadow of a rose cast in moonlight, beautiful yet dark and thorned.


Character Morphs (++ morphs for V4 required)
~ DruUna Default HEAD INJ/REM Pose
~ DruUna Old HEAD INJ/REM Pose
~ DruUna BODY INJ/REM Pose
~ Nipple On/Off Pose
~ V4 Gen On/Off Pose
~ Vampire Short, Long, Extra Long Nails INJ/REM Pose
~ Vampire Teeth, 2 styles, INJ/REM Pose

Product Includes:

Skin Textures & Mats
~ 3 Full character MATs (Human, Vampire, Vampire Old)- 4000x4000
~ 15 eye colors (Human & Vampire), including default eye MAT, plus Sclera Dark, Sclera Default, and Tear Off/On MAT- 1024x1024, 2000x2000, 2048x2048, 3000x3000
~ 7 Human Face Make Up options, 4 Vampire MakeUp, and 2 Vampire Old Make Up- 4000x4000
~ 11 Human Lip MAT options (including default Lips) and 3 Vampire Lip MATs- 4000x4000
~ 3 Eyelash color MAT options (Default, Gray, Black), plus Short and Default Length Lash Mats- 1024x1024
~ 3 Vampire Nail MAT options, plus Default Human Nail MAT- 2048x2048
~ 1 Vampire (blood colored) Teeth MAT option, plus Teeth_Default MAT- 1500x1500

* Simple (No Shader) MAT versions are included for programs, such as: Pre-Poser 7, Daz Studio, Reality 3, etc., where complexed Poser Shader MATs may not be fully compatible.

* SSS MATs require Poser 9 or higher

~ 8 (MOR) Expressions - the face poses only set the morphs needed for the expression, and make no other changes to the face.
~ 1 Face pose to reset the expression (use before applying next expression, or expression poses will combine - sometimes also good to do)

* Please note: Expression 04 requires the DAZ Expression morphs (Happy, Angry, Sad, etc.), but all of the other expressions use only the basic V4 and/or ++ morphs.

System Requirements:
PC and Mac compatible

Needed Files:
Victoria 4.2 Base
Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
(DAZ Expression Morphs required for Expression 04 only)

Supported Software:
Poser 7 to 2014, Daz Studio 3.1 to 4.5

Additional Notes:

Poser Version: Poser 7+
Daz Studio: DS3+
Zip Files: 6 Zip Files (34.1 Mb, 33.6 Mb, 37.5 Mb, 35.2 Mb, 34.8 Mb, 34.4 Mb)
Date Added: Oct 18, 2013

Product requirements

Victoria 4.2 Morphs++, DAZ Expression Morphs required for Expression 04 only

Compatible figures: 
V4 Characters - Textures for Daz Studio and Poser