Vargas For G8.1-M8.1

Vargas For G8.1-M8.1

The name of Vargas is a nickname that nobody knows his name or surname. They only know that he is a good fighter.
The character is made with Face Gen Y Daz skin, the shader is custom based on a Raiya MR for G8.1.
He has two character presets one for G8.1 and one for M8.1 He has a large Tribal tattoo that is not LIE. The shader is PBR. Shop two body morphs. one the normal one with which it is loaded and
another the alternative. The eyebrows are fibermesh with two possible colors, although in the runtime I leave other possible textures to use on the eyebrows.
1 character peset for G8.1
1 character preset for M8.1
1 Head morph Apply and Remove
1 body morph Apply and Remove
1 Body alternate Apply and Remove
1 nipple morph Apply and Remove
1 Eyebrows Apply
1 Skin Shader
2 Eyebeows mats
4 Eye colors
1 Tattoo Apply and Remove
2 Genitalia mats Cut and Uncut
Only for G8.1 and M8.1 (UV8.1)

Compatible figures: 
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