VICTORIA: 3D Figure Community Workshop

VICTORIA: 3D Figure Community Workshop

Can you believe that the original Victoria 3D figure (known also then as the Millenium Woman) was first released back in 1999? Since then we have seen multiple generations, with Victoria 4.2 being the most widely supported 3D figure, continuing with Victoria 7 available today in the DAZ store utilizing Genesis 3.

As a result of this popularity, there continues to be an incredibly large volume of Victoria-based characters, hair, and clothing to make the figure invaluable for your 3D character projects.

This recording of a community webinar celebrates the Victoria figure with eight different artists demonstrating their Victoria renders and animation. The artists show and discuss:-

The versatility of Victoria 4 for human and animal figures

Using Victoria for tribute artwork

Comparison of the Victoria generation figures

Comic book work using VictoriaA V4 animation

A presentation on why artists are still using Victoria 4

Integrating a Victoria 4 render into a real photograph

Video running time: 1 hour and 34 minutes

We've been connecting, educating, and inspiring digital artists in our weekly live webinars since 2013. Look out for our community live workshops at the Digital Art Live website and our other tutorial products at the Daz 3D store.

Product cover artwork by Isikol

What's Included and Features

  • VICTORIA: 3D Figure Community Workshop (.MP4)
  • Video running time : 1 hour and 34 minutes
    • Christine Cornell on the versatility of V4.2:
      • Mature character : Lola using Dynamic Edge Hair.
      • How to tone down subsurface scattering and make use of the older texture maps
      • Philosophers Egg fox creature based on V4.2 using Sparky's textures and the creature creator package.
    • Bob Keck using Victoria since 2009:
      • V4.2 example using dynamic cloth kimono
      • Pulp artwork : The attack
      • Unknown Future: tribute to 9/11
      • Dark angel: using Angeloi by Arki. Ron's backgrounds
      • Countdown: example of painted hair
      • End of the Mayan calendar: symbols and balanced elements
    • Jessica Beaubien:
      • Darkness and Light: using V4.2 in a glass room
      • The Gorgon Medusa
    • John Stroo started with Victoria in 1998:
      • Interviewed in Heavy Metal Magazine for his V4 work.
      • Comparison of the Victoria 4-7 generation figures in terms of heights and body part proportions.
      • Comparison of Mike 4, David 3 and David 5 figures
      • Female figures in comic books
      • Comic book base using Vicky
      • Comparison of generations Stephanie 3 to 6
    • Michael Clark:
      • Victoria 4 animation : Blackmore's night
    • Mike Mitchell - Victoria 4 : Celebrating 2006 - 2020:
      • Presentation : Why we are still using Victoria 4?
    • Trevor Hancock:
      • Galadriel
      • V4 in Parkside Point interior
      • Victoria and Michael 6
      • Victoria 4 wearing Cree outfit
      • Victoria 4 wearing shadowcaster
      • Murien with Dragonkeeper outfit (by Arki) and DragonCorona hair
      • Murien saying prayers
    • Kathleen:
      • Integrating a Victoria 4 render in a real photograph.

Compatible Figures:

Victoria 4

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.12

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install

Compatible figures: