Victoria 9 HD Presale

Victoria 9 HD Presale

Preorder Victoria 9 HD and be among the first to experience the next generation of Daz Studio figure technology. As a bonus, you’ll receive Voss Hair for Genesis 9 FREE with your preorder. Your content will be automatically added to your account at launch in mid-October.
Hailing from the Scottish Highlands, Victoria 9 sports vibrant red hair and 2 stunning 8K HD skin options: freckled and vitiligo. Whether stalking her prey on the hunting grounds or striking a pose on the catwalk, Victoria 9 breathes life into scenes as you’ve never seen before.

Crafted with the advanced features of Genesis 9, Victoria 9 is the first character to include the HD morph as part of her base character.

Preorder Victoria 9 HD and experience the ultra-advanced features of Genesis 9 firsthand!

Genesis 9 advancements include:

8K HD Materials

Included standard with the base Genesis 9 figure.

Asymmetry Morphs

Give your characters more “character” with asymmetrical modifications.

Improved Posing & Animation

With enhanced bone hierarchy and industry-standard naming.

Improved Mouth, Teeth, & Gums

The improved detail level of sculpts and textures make the mouth, teeth, and gums even more realistic.

Real-World Proportions

Real-world measurements and a new Proportions System make realistic character customization easier than ever before.

Unified Figure

Blendability of cross-gender shapes brings next-level character diversity and support for add-ons like clothing, hair, accessories, and more.

...So Much More!

Install Types:

DazCentral, Manual Install

Compatible figures: