Bay Boat And Pier For Vue

Bay Boat And Pier For Vue

This is a traditional boat design developed in France for use in shallow ocean bays and lakes. The boat was/is used for fishing and transport of small items. It is a light-weight boat, rowed or sculled by a single person, although it easily seats two people. The boat is distinctive in that it has a relatively flat bottom with a flat, large wooden keel. This type of keel, and the flat bottom of the boat allows it to be beached on rock or sand without injuring the boat bottom.

A bundle of traditionally painted fishing floats, characteristic of lake fishing in the area extending north from France to Finland are included. A hand line cradle and line are also included.

The small, brightly colored floats are for catching many small fish at one time, usually each float with a relatively short hanging line, hook and bait. Many floats are tied together, but with a meter or more distance kept between them - with a small line passed through the brass eye at the top of the float. All the baited floats are thrown into an area of the lake at one time, and then recovered later, hopefully with caught fish attached. Of course, these small floats are used in many other ways, as well. Sometimes to hold up the edges of small, light-weight fishing nets, and sometimes attached to conventional fishing lines on poles.

An old, slightly battered green steel thermos is included. The dangling bow and stern lines can be removed, as can the bumpers on each side of the boat.

While no pier is really needed for this kind of boat, one is included here. This is an old weathered pier that should sit low in the water, and extend just a short distance from shore. Point lights are pre-positioned in the two weathered bronze lanterns.

You may want to build additional boats for your scene, since many would be found clustered around the pier. For the purpose of duplicating, and then making boats with different paint, there are eight (8) alternative textures for the boat hulls.

Software: Vue 9