Forgotten Places Ecosystems and Plants For Vue D Esprit

Forgotten Places Ecosystems and Plants For Vue D Esprit

Forgotten Places is a bundle of plants, ecosystems and materials for Vue D Esprit 6 and above. It will instantly transform your landscapes into rolling grass land, flowering heath land, brush covered scrub land, bogs, mooreland and wasteland. In short it has an ecosystem to cover pretty much anything you need. There are 25 solid growth plants included, many of which come in different versions to add variety and realism to your renders! The nine ecosystems cover most open terrains you might need for either fantasy or more realistic scenes. They can be used in wild, rural and urban settings. The four material files included are designed to compliment the ecosystems and help you blend other objects and liquids seamlessly in to the scene. Please note that the ecosystems will only work if your version of Vue supports ecosystem technology (that’s Vue Pro Studio, Vue 6 , Infinite and Vue Extreme) If your version of Vue can edit ecosystems you can add or alter the ecosystems in this package to make even more diverse and interesting scenery. Forgotten Places has been designed to be a great base or starting point for all genera of scenes. All textures are either hand painted, high-resolution digital photographs or procedural textures made inside Vue it self to give you the highest quality product.

This product requires the latest builds of Vue d esprit 6, Vue 6 Pro studio, Vue 6 Infinite, Vue 6 Extreme (must have ecosystem technology to use the ecos).
Compatible 3D Software
What's Included & Features
  • 25 Solid Growth Plants (.VEG)
    • 4 Weed patches
    • 10 Grasses and Patches of Grass
    • 3 Harebell Plants of Different Sizes
    • 3 Heathpea Plants of Different Sizes
    • Shrubby Potentilla
    • Potentilla Versiflora
    • Broom Bush
    • Clover Plant
    • Cotton Grass Clump
    • Vaccinium Bush
  • 9 Ecosystem Materials (.MAT)
    • Clover Field - A rough field of grass and clover that is perfect for pastures and lush meadows.
    • Cotton Grass Bog - A boggy ecosystem filled with cotton grass.
    • Devils Dyke - A flowering ecosystem.
    • High Moors - A shrubby ecosystem scattered with rocks and weeds.
    • Newmarket Heat - A flowering ecosystem.
    • Royston Heath - A flowering ecosystem.
    • 2 Waste Ground Ecosystems - One lush and green, the other dry and patchy.
    • West Country Road Side Ecosystem - Covered in weeds and flowering broom.
  • 4 Water, Soil and Rock Materials (.MAT)
    • Beige Bog Moss
    • Bog
    • Bog Water
    • Mud Moss and Mold