Winged Wonders - Poses

Winged Wonders - Poses

We could spend many hours watching the birds in our gardens, as they flutter from one place after another, bathing, feeding or playing with each other.

The 81 poses contained in this product in conjunction with the objects and figures included in the Winged Wonders Props product, are perfect to recreate those funny scenes.

To facilitate the process of loading the content needed for the poses, sub-sets of the scenes have been provided with the figures already parented to each other. Please note that in order to use the Sub-sets you need to own the required products listed in this page. Hierarchical Poses have also been provided that allow multiple figures to pose at the same time. However, in most cases the presets have been created as regular Poses to allow them to be used with third party objects or as a base for your own poses in case you need to modify them slightly to fit other scenes.

What's Included and Features

  • Winged Wonders - Poses (.DUF)
  • Presets
    • 0B Load Bath-Water-Bird
    • 0C Load Cage-Bird
    • 0C Load Stand-Cage-Bird
    • 0F Load Rope-Feeder-Bird
    • 0F Load Stand-Feeder-Bird
    • 0H Load Hanger-House-Bird
    • 0H Load House-Bird No Hanger
    • 0H Load Pole-House-Bird
    • 0N Load Nest-3Chicks
    • 0N Load Nest-Bird-Worm-1Chick
    • 0N Load Nest-Bird-Worm-3Chicks
    • 0N Load Nest-Eggs-Bird
    • 0 Load Bird -Parented Worm
    • 0 Load Chick -Parented Worm
  • Poses
    • Bath -Adult Bird Pose 01-10
    • 2C Cage-Unparented Go UP
    • 3C Cage Door Closed
    • 3C Cage Door Open
    • Cage -Adult Bird Pose 01-10
    • Feeder -Adult Bird Pose 01-12
    • House -Adult Bird Pose 01-12
    • 2 All Toes on Ground
    • Chick Pose 01-03
    • Worm Pose 01
    • Worm Pose 02

Required Products:

Winged Wonders, Winged Wonders - Props

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install