The Witch's Moon

The Witch's Moon

This 3D medallion is a stunning depiction of the world of witches.
The witch stands tall and proud, her chin raised defiantly.
Her eyes glow with a fiery red light, and her long black hair billows in the breeze.
A wolf sits at her feet, its fur matted and its eyes wild.
The wolf howls at the moon, which hangs overhead like a silver disk.
A bat with widely spread wings flutters in front of the moon.

The medallion is a work of art, but it is also a story.
The witch's stature is one of power and control., the howl of the wolf is a warning.
The moon is a symbol of magic and mystery, the bat is a harbinger of danger.

This locket is a must-have for any fantasy or horror fan.
It is a beautiful and evocative piece that will transport you to a world of magic and mystery.

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