Hitomi 3D Anime Girl for Genesis

Hitomi 3D Anime Girl for Genesis

Hitomi 3D Anime Girl for Genesis is delicate, demure and cute as a proverbial button! She has been carefully crafted to capture the essence of the genre with an entirely new 3D Anime head and body morph for Genesis.

In addition to the features which allow versatility of use with the Genesis system, many morphs including most expressions, have been reworked specifically for her. Most major bends have likewise been specially corrected. A different eye shape makes her larger Anime eyes work better with Genesis, and her breast design allows for dialing up and down of any size using two unique and blendable shapes.

Hitomi comes with a pretty lace top and bottom. Top her off with the included Anime styled hairdo and set of conforming eyebrows; modeled to have the look of the animations from which she is inspired. Her eyes and included hair and eyebrows are easily tint-able for a matching custom color look.

The ability to blend Hitomi with your other Genesis Girls lends an adorable youthfulness to all of your Genesis characters. Versatile, sweet Hitomi…the perfect addition to your Genesis gene pool!

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What's Included & Features
  • Hitomi 3D Anime Girl for Genesis
    • Hitomi Full Body Morph
    • Hitomi Head Morph
    • Hitomi Custom UV Set
    • Over 200 JCM and Corrective morphs
    • Hitomi texture map
    • 4 Illustration style eyelash transparency options
    • 3 Illustration style eye tone textures; 14 color tinting presets each
  • Custom Morphs
    • Hitomi Breasts Round, and Petite
    • Hitomi Realistic Nose
    • Hitomi Teeth Smoother
    • Hitomi Lower Face Cheeky, Narrow, and Smaller
    • Hitomi Eyes Taper Upper, and Lower
    • Hitomi Eyes Upper Angle Down
    • Hitomi Eyes Lower Angle Up
    • Ears Elf Anime and Classic, for Genesis and Hitomi
    • Eyes Size (corrective)
    • Voluptuous (corrective)
  • Anime Style Brow Conformer (.DSF)
    • Brows Wider
    • Brows Height Inner, Center, and Outer, Right/Left
    • Brows Thinner Inner and Outer, Right/Left
    • Brows Thicker Inner and Outer, Right/Left
    • 'Soft' transparency map option
  • Hitomi Rings Poseable Hairstyle (.DSF)
    • Controls for posing
    • Right/Left Bangs Forward-Back, Side-Side, and Twirl
    • Right/Left Tails Forward-Back, Side-Side. and Twirl
    • Sweep Right/Left (front bangs)
    • Morphs for shaping:
    • Bangs Long
    • Bangs Large Right/Left
    • Puff Bangs
    • Tails Long
    • Tails Size
    • Hitomi Hairline Forward
    • Illustration style transparency texture option
    • 'Fine' detail transparency texture option
  • Hitomi Lace Top and Bottom (.DSF)
    • Additional fits for
    • Aiko 4, and The Girl 4
    • Victoria 4, and Victoria 5
    • Basic Female
  • 'Cotton Candy' light set used in many of the promos
    • Three speed presets: Draft, Medium, and Quality
  • Textures Include
    • 10 Texture/Transparency/Specular Maps (1024x1024)
    • 13 Texture/Transparency/Specular/Displacement Maps (2048x2048)
    • 1 HDRI Tif Map (500x250)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)
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