Wound Makeup Artist for Genesis 8

Wound Makeup Artist for Genesis 8

Creativity without limits through a ready made Library of wound Iray Decals and Layered Image Editor Presets that you can reposition sliding them across your character skin using parameter sliders!

Wound Makeup Artist for Genesis 8 is a collection of layered wounds in the native Iray Decal format for the Iray render engine in Daz Studio. Unlike previous versions of the product that used the Layered Image editor and Daz Studio Geometry Shells, using Iray Decals makes loading times and the processing of the effects by the Iray engine faster.

Like Geometry Shells, Iray Decals let you slide the position of your wound effect directly in the character skin by using the HORIZONTAL OFFSET and VERTICAL OFFSET sliders of the decal in the Surface Tab. Unlike Geometry Shells you need to have the Iray Preview Mode active in viewport in order to see your wounds when editing their positioning in your character's skin.

Iray Decals are stacked as children of your figure in the Scene Tab so you can toggle on and off visibility of effects and single wounds directly on the scene tab. It also means you don't risk flattening of complex wound compositions as it happens in the Layered Image Editor.

As an extra this version also includes all effects in Layered Image Editor format for compatibility with 3Delight (Which in the previous version was a separate product.) and all the extra control that Daz Studio Layered Image editor offers. The Layered Image Editor effects are compatible with Iray when using the default textures included with Genesis 8. When using other characters like Michael, Victoria and the myriad of characters available for Genesis 8 it is advisable to use the Iray Decal Format instead as their advanced setup usually makes Layered Image Editor Effects harder to see.

Give your character a scar in the face for a tough look, a bullet wound in his forehead, an open wound in his leg where an enemy arrow has hit, a slash in his chest where a sword has grazed or burned skin where dragon fire hit. You control your wounded scene by having the ability to place your wounds in the exact spot where you need it. Bruised lips, whip marks, bloodied teeth, black eyes, scars, scratches, abrasions, several skin bruises, blood options and even full body wound cuts in several stages.

What's Included and Features

  • Wound Makeup Artist for Genesis 8 (.DUF)
  • Iray Decals & Layered Image Editor Options:
    • Full Body:
      • Cuts Covered
      • Cuts Stage 1
      • Cuts Stage 2
    • Face:
      • Blood from Left Nostril
      • Blood from Left Lip
      • Blood from Right Nostril
      • Blood from Right Lip 1
      • Blood from Right Lip 2
      • Bloodied Teeth 1
      • Bloodied Teeth 2
      • Bruised Cheek
      • Bruised Chin
      • Bruised Forehead
      • Bruised Left Eye
      • Bruised Left Eye Upper
      • Bruised Lips
      • Bruised Right Cheek
      • Bruised Right Eye
      • Bruised Right Eye Upper
      • Bullet in Forehead
      • Chin Cut
      • Cuts Lips
      • Cuts Nose
      • Cut Mid Nose
      • Face Scratches 1
      • Face Scratches 2
      • Mouth Busted
      • Open Wound Cheek
      • Open Wound Forehead
      • Scar 1 Face
      • Scar 2 Face
    • Torso:
      • Abs Punched Lower
      • Abs Punched Upper
      • Back Whipped
      • Back Whipped Lower
      • Neck Marks
      • Torso Blood 1
      • Torso Blood 2
      • Torso Cut 1
      • Torso Cut 2
      • Torso Cut 3
      • Torso Cut 3D
      • Torso Cut 3H
      • Torso Cut 4
      • Torso Cut 5
      • Torso Cut 5 with Blood
      • Torso Cuts 1
      • Torso Slashed 1
      • Torso Slashed 1 Back
      • Torso Wound 1
      • Torso Wound 1 Back
      • Torso Wound Open 1
      • Torso Wound Open 1H
    • Arms:
      • Cuts Left Shoulder
      • Cuts Right Shoulder
      • Hand Left Wounds
      • Hand Right Wounds
      • Left Arm Blood 1-2
      • Left Arm Cut 1-5
      • Left Arm Cut 5 with Blood
      • Left Arm Cuts 1-3
      • Right Arm Blood 2
      • Right Arm Cut 1-5
      • Right Arm Cut 5 with Blood
      • Right Arm Cuts 1-3
      • Wrist Marks Left
      • Wrist Marks Right
    • Legs:
      • Ankle Marks Left
      • Ankle Marks Right
      • Feet Left Cuts
      • Feet Right Cuts
      • Left Leg Blood 1-2
      • Left Leg Cut 1-8
      • Left Leg Cut 8 with Blood 1
      • Left Leg Cut 8 with Blood 2
      • Left Leg Cut 9
      • Left Leg Cuts 1-3
      • Left Leg Wound 1-2
      • Right Leg Blood 1-2
      • Right Leg Cut 1-8
      • Right Leg Cut 8 with Blood 1
      • Right Leg Cut 8 with Blood 2
      • Right Leg Cut 9
      • Right Leg Cuts 1-3
      • Right Leg Wound 1-2
    • Female Only Options:
      • Face - Blood from Right Nostril (LIE Only)
      • Face - Blood from Right Lip (LIE Only)
    • Male Only Options:
      • Arms - Hand Left Wounds Mild (Decal Only)
      • Arms - Hand Right Wounds Mild (Decal Only)
      • Arms - Right Arm Blood 1 (Decal Only)
      • Torso - Back Whipped Sides
      • Torso - Back Whipped Upper
  • Textures Include:
    • 235 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Specular, Reflection, Translucency, Transparency and Normal Maps (40 x 200 up to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Decal Presets (.DUF)
  • Daz Studio Layered Image Editor Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.11

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install