Yamachan Ramen 1961 - Food Truck

Yamachan Ramen 1961 - Food Truck

Find your best Ramen food truck with Daz3D! Toppings are Pork roast slice, Naruto, Boiled egg, Menma, Green onion and Dried seaweed.

Preload scene and 34 Sets and props has both for Daz Studio Iray and 3Delight versions. Some props has Morphs/Fun.

Bonus 4 Poses for Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8 Female are included, and PDF of props' name for Japanese to English is included in included PDF

What's Included and Features

  • Yamachan Ramen 1961 - Food Truck (.DUF)
  • YR Preload All_Iray
  • YR Preload All_3Delight
  • 34 Sets and Props (Iray and 3Delight Versions):
    • YR 100enSatsu (100 yen bill)
    • YR ChashuTappa (Chasyu Tupperware)
      • YR ChashuTappa Futa (Cover)
    • YR Detailed Ramen
      • YR Yuge (Steam)
      • YR Ramen2
      • YR Men (Noodles)
        • Morph:Scoop Up Ramen-1
        • Morph:Scoop Up Ramen-2
      • YR Chashu (Pork roast slice)
      • YR Naruto (Japanese food by fish meat)
      • YR NitamagoHanbun (Boiled egg Half)
      • YR Menma (Processed food of Bamboo shoot)
      • YR YakumiNegi (Spicy green onion)
      • YR Nori (Dried seaweed)
    • YR Fukin (Kitchen towels)
      • Morph:Grab Pan Cover
      • Morph:Grab Pan Cover 2
    • YR GasKonro Set (Gas stove Set with LPG)
    • YR Guire (Container)
    • YR Hashi 1zen (Pair of chopsticks)
      • Morph:On Ramen Donburi
      • Morph:Scoop Up Ramen-1
      • Morph:Scoop Up Ramen-2
    • YR Hashitate (Chopstick container)
    • YR Hishaku (Ladle)
    • YR Hocho (Kitchen knife)
    • YR KeiTruck (Japanese Pickup truck)
      • NidaiSokuitaR (Lateral board of Carrier)
        • Morph:Detach from Truck
    • YR Konabe (Small kettle)
      • YR Konabe Futa (Cover)
    • YR Kosho (Pepper)
    • YR Manaita (Cutting board)
    • YR MenmaTappa (Menma Tupperware)
      • YR MenmaTappa Futa (Cover)
    • YR Mezamashi Tokei (Alarm clock)
    • YR Mizutanku (Potable water tank)
    • YR Negi (Green onion)
    • YR NegiTappa (Green onion Tupperware)
      • YR NegiTappa Futa (Cover)
    • YR Nitamago (Boiled egg)
    • YR NitamagoHanbun (Boiled egg Half)
    • YR Radio
    • YR Ramen Donburi Kasane (Stack of Ramen bouls)
    • YR Ramen Donburi (A Ramen boul)
    • YR Ramen
    • YR Shichirin (Japanese cooking charcoal stove)
      • Morph:Handle Rotate
    • YR Shio (Solt)
    • YR TamagoTappa (Boiled-egg Tupperware)
      • YR TamagoTappa Futa (Cover)
      • NiTamago 1ko (Boiled egg)
      • NiTamago Hanbun (Boiled egg Half)
    • YR TishBox (Tissue box)
    • YR Yakan
      • YR Yakan Futa (Cover)
    • YR Yatai on Truck (Food stand)
      • YR SokumenMokuita (Lateral woodcut)
        • Morph:Detach from Yatai
      • Morph:1-Pull Top Drawer
      • Morph:Morph:2-Pull Second Drawer
      • Morph:3-Pull Third Drawer
      • Morph:4-Pull Bottom Drawer
      • Morph:Noren Raise L-Side
      • Morph:Noren Raise Middle-1
      • Morph:Noren Raise Middle-2
      • Morph:Noren Raise R-Side
    • YR Zaru (Mesh Strainer)
    • YR ZundonabeBig SoupStock (Cutting in round slices pan-Big-SoupStock)
      • YR ZundonabeBig Futa (Cover)
    • YR ZundonabeSmall Yudeyu (Cutting in round slices pan-Small-Boiling water)
      • YR ZundonabeSmall Futa (Cover)
  • Bonus Poses for Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8 Female:
    • 4 Poses: Stand-eating, Cooking and Driving
  • Cameras and Lights Preset_Iray
  • Cameras Preset_3Delight
  • Textures Include
    • 133 Texture,Bump,Displacement,Normal and Transparency Maps (from 1024 X 1024 to 4096 x 4096)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
  • Additional Products used in Promo Images:
    • Historic Japanese Train Station

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9

Install Types:

Daz Connect Install Manager Manual Install