Zale 8.1 Landlubber Bundle

Zale 8.1 Landlubber Bundle

For years, Zale has ruled the oceans as the Deep Sea King. But the tides have changed, and now he finds himself leaving his ancestral home to walk above on land. The story continues with the Zale 8.1 Landlubber Bundle!
This bundle includes everything you need to take Zale 8.1 ashore. Whether he is striking an alliance with the humans above or has fallen in love with the beautiful Kent for Genesis 8.1 Female, he will dress to impress with the dForce Charming Ever After Outfit. Both characters feature amazing, lifelike detail. The bundle also includes Sea King Expressions, Mehrloc Hair, and Diversea Hierarchical Poses, giving you everything you need to stage an amazing scene.
Let the Deep Sea King's story unfold with this awesome bundle!

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8.1 Male, Genesis 8.1 Female

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Manual Install