Fairytale Godmother Textures for Violet DAZ Studio only

Fairytale Godmother Textures for Violet DAZ Studio only

The modern Fairy Godmother needs to blend in in the modern world.
Unfortunately, although she tries very hard she will still stand out in a crowd
Presenting 9 different textures with variations for the Violet Outfit for Star


Complete textures for each of the Violet items

  • 9 glasses textures
  • 2 slightly different styles of hair textures - each containing 9 textures
  • 9 hair shaders that can be applied to the Hair or Bangs or both
  • 9 shaders to use for the stockings and to be applied to the Feet, HiSocks and Stockings on Star. We created them as shaders so you can also use them for just ankle socks and socks as well as stockings
  • 9 texture designs for the Violet outfit.
  • Each texture design has two different colours for the stocking tops
  • 9 vest textures which will add a stripe to the vest only part of the Top

This item is for DAZ Studio only and has been created as duf files which can be dropped into either a Content or a My Library layour.

Please note you need UberSurface2 Layered Shader for DAZ Studio from DAZ for the hair textures and shaders and the stocking shaders to work

Tutorials on how to use shaders are included in this package, however just to remind you. To use a shader you select the item it is to be used on in the Scene area. (For example, the stocking shaders are used on Star) then in the surface section you select which parts the shader is to be applied to. (for example with the stocking shaders you select Feet, HiSocks and Stockings)

Daz Studio: DAZ Studio 4.7 and above
Zip Files 1
Requires: Littlefox Star! and Violet for Star, UberSurface2 Layered Shader for DAZ Studio
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio