Grunged Interior Wall Shaders For Daz Studio 3Delight

Grunged Interior Wall Shaders For Daz Studio 3Delight

Grunged Interior Walls for 3Delight is a collection of 100 shaders that add age and decay to new and old interior walls in faded colors,Gothic colors, Damask patterns, stripes and so much more. This set of shaders is perfect for making new rooms look old or wanting to make your room appear as if it has set a really long time. The shaders are also great for making something look like it has come from an apocalyptic or wartime scene.

There are 5 different sets in this shader pack. Each set requires a different bump and normal map. They also have a different look about them.

Set 1: Has 15 shaders that look like a solid wallpaper or paint with faded spotches plus the holes and cracks.
Set 2: Has 20 shaders with a Damask/Floral print with holes and cracks.
Set 3: Has 20 shaders with splotchy colors/grime and so on with the holes and cracks.
Set 4: Has 15 shaders with a striped pattern plus the holes and cracks.
Set 5: Has 30 shaders with another Damask/Floral print and the holes and cracks.

Plus there are 22 utility presets that adjust bump amount, normals on and off as well as how much to tile the shaders by.

The images in this pack are 2000x2000 pixels to accommodate big structures and to keep the tiled look down. While some tiling maybe noticeable it won\'t be near as much if you had used smaller images.

Be sure to have the item you want to apply a shader to selected in the preview pane, and the material zone selected in the surface tab before double clicking on your shader of choice.

No props, lights, figures, characters, hair, backdrops, environment settings, render settings and etc is in included in this texture add-on package. You won't see the final result until rendered. Also, results will vary depending on the mesh you apply the shader to, lighting, render settings, and so on.

Daz Studio 4.9 ONLY

Requirements:  Daz Studio 4.9 or higher

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