Kitten Hair V4

Kitten Hair V4

Come back to a simpler time, when men were men and women were...... WOW!

That's right, welcome back to the dawn of the sexual revolution, where big hair and big ideas ruled the world! Anything was possible if the hair was big enough!

Kitten is a re-imagining of the hairstyles of Barbarella, Bridget Bardot, and countless other Sex Kittens of the 1970s. Playful, fluffy and fun, give your V4 characters a bit of a time warp with this style from RDNA Pro!

Kitten Hair for V4:

  • SUPER HIGH DETAIL MESH!!!!!! Not helmet hair here, this hair has individual strands of hair laid out and mussed just the right amount to give your renders a realistic edge. It even includes a 'Messy' morph to fluff it out a bit.
  • Beautiful UV maps that you have come to expect from RDNA Pro, set up to be super easy to texture.
  • Hi-Resolution hair textures to give you a broad range of options!
  • Aiko4, Girl4, and Elite4 morph support both in body and head!
  • Multiple ghost joints to allow for motion posing that is easy on your memory and super versatile.
  • High quality Poser 6+ Mats and DS 4.5 Materials to give an extra realistic sparkle to your rendering pleasure.
  • Materials for solid colors and for adding Highlights and Striping to the base!

Kitten Hair for V4 (cr2 and obj)

Daz Studio 4.5+ Mats

  • 10 Base Mats
  • 10 Highlight Mats
  • 10 Stripe Mats

Poser 6+ Mats

  • 10 Base Mats
  • 10 Highlight Mats
  • 10 Stripe Mats

24 High Quality Textures

Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio 4.5+
Zip Files 20.5 Mb
Requires: Victoria 4
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio