Moyra's Classics - Bedrooms 1

Moyra's Classics - Bedrooms 1

Thank you for purchasing this first installment of Moyra's Classics, a collection of 5 Classic Environments and furniture sets, updated and upgraded.
I hope my Classics spark as much joy and creativity in you as conceiving and developing them did for me. I spent just shy of two decades blissfully bringing these environments, objects and wardrobe pieces to life, and it is my distinct pleasure to be able to bring them here to you, dusted, polished and upgraded with higher resolution Iray materials, where applicable.

Moyra's Classics - Bedrooms 1 consists of 5 complete products: Guinevere's Bower, a Celtic queen's private chambers, Cheltenham 1 and 2, an extensive, detailed and historically accurate set of Regency furnishings, Bohemian Dreams, a set of charming boho-inspired bedroom furnishings and decorative items, and a goth, almost vampiric version of the same set of models, Dark Dreams.
The products in Moyra's Classics - Bedrooms 1 are individually sub-directoried and their zip files are labeled, so you can install
all or just the one(s) you would like to work with.

Moyra's Classics - Bedrooms 1 includes Iray and 3Delight Materials settings for all 5 products, Iray and 3 Delight Scene files for Bohemian Dreams and Dark Dreams, Poser materials for Cheltenham 1 and 2 and Poser Prop files for Guinevere's Bower.
Custom thumbnails for easy identification are also included, all supported by 372 high resolution (up to 8192x8192) texture images, composed of diffusion, bump, specularity, displacement, metallicity, normal, transparency and reflective images.
Send me a little site mail when you upload an image with some of Moyra's Classics, I would love to see our visions joined in your own creations!

Special note: These are texture sets for the King's Chamber, King's Chamber Expansion, Regency Furniture Pack 1, Regency Furniture Pack 2 and Daybed Romance from Daz3d..
If the scenes seem to load as grey boxes, you probably don't have the base product installed. Links to all the base products that inspired Moyra's Classics: Bedrooms are in the readme!

Poser 6, Poser 7+, Poser 8 / Poser Pro 2010+, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Requirements:  The King's Chamber (daz3d);The King's Chamber Expansion (daz3d);Regency Furniture Pack 1(daz3d);Regency Furniture Pack 2 (daz3d);Daybed Romance (daz3d)

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio